Client Services

About Our Client Services

Northland Commercial has licensed, experienced professionals providing the following services:
Property Management
Property Listing for property owners
Sales and Leasing of existing or planned properties


Commercial Real Estate Markets are in constant flux and navigating the complex world of commercial Real Estate can be daunting. We have experienced agents to deal with all variables of a transaction: from understanding market conditions, negotiating a price, working through the feasibility periods, and closing the transaction in a timely manner.


Tenant Representation: Helping tenants secure space to rent retail and office space on a lease basis. This starts with a market analysis specific to the tenants needs, locating the ideal space and negotiating a contract best suited for the businesses needs. On Northland Commercial held properties, we keep tenant build-out costs down and save time, by directing the construction expansion ourselves.

Owner Representation: We incorporate strong market knowledge, extensive marketing skills, networking and a long history of contacts to market properties for owners, insuring the optimum price and quality tenant base.

Property Management

At Northland Commercial as with your family, it’s easy to talk during the good times, but real trust is built on the hard work of talking things over, during the tough times. Face to face with shirtsleeves rolled up, our Property Managers are on a first name basis with our tenants. They know us and we know their business. While large national and impersonal companies dispatch unknown, departmental personnel or tenant representatives that don’t know one tenant from another, we’re consistently there onsite with our tenant family in person. We are hands on, solving problems to keep costs and fees down, or just checking to see if everything is ok. We build trust by developing a tight-knit family relationship with our tenants, which results in better communication and fewer unseen problems that can lead to vacancies.